Schedule home showings without ever talking to a Realtor

A real estate agent will meet you at the property, without obligation

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what is HomeCaravan ?

A new app that let’s you shop for a home with on-demand showings of properties you want to see when you want to see them. No calls with agents to arrange showings and no unwanted follow up.

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HomeCaravan for Buyers - How does it work?

Absolutely free with no obligation – your contact info is not shared. If you meet an agent you want to work with or already have an agent, you can make it exclusive!

Step 1

Download the app
Currently only available to beta testers

Step 2

Search for Properties

Step 3

Schedule Showings

Step 4

An agent will meet you at the property

HomeCaravan for Sellers - Protect your home and family with HomeCaravan

Interact and interview agents semi – anonymously. Find an agent you want to work with or already have an agent? HomeCaravan simplifies showings and puts you in control!

  • Screen top agents in real-time:
  • -   Receive value estimates
  • -   Chat with pros in real time
  • -   No unwanted follow up
  • Once you have selected an agent:
  • -   Control the showing process
  • -   Set ground rules for all visitors
  • -   Always prepared for showings
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HomeCaravan HomeCaravan HomeCaravan

HomeCaravan for Agents

  • -   Meet prospects face to face
  • -   Nurture existing client relationships
  • -   Collaborate with clients and colleagues
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